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Haunted Barstow Ghost Tours

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From the Founder of the retired Calico Ghost Walk at historic Calico Ghost Town, Bill Cook is back and brings you Haunted Barstow, a haunted tour that is incomparable to any other ghost tour. Using the experience of 15 years of Calico Ghost Walks and investigation knowledge of hundreds of ghostly investigations, Bill Cook and his associates introduce you to some of the most incredible forms of the paranormal. Locations in and around the BarstowCA area are the focus of our investigations. Locations vary from the historic Barstow Harvey House and Rail Station to locations of the haunted Old West. All sites that we introduce our guests to are actively haunted sites still full of inspirational spirits from the past. Haunted Barstow Tours offer you and your family and experience of exploring the unknown that you will never forget.

The Haunted Barstow Tours are not recommended for children under ten years of age. You know your children, we don't . . . you be the judge. Tours require a mild hiking ability and should not be attempted by persons with physical restrictions. Only you know your physical limitations, you make the decision. 

Just be ready for some real ghostly experiences. If you've on the Harvey House or "Beast" tour before, you know exactly what we mean.

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